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08:41pm 26/10/2003
mood: confused
so i read in this blue bird guys journal how he saw a hut, a blue chapel-like hut that brought him somewhere else . this topic kept me moving, i thought , there are so many weirdos out there who experience such crazy shit, visiting other places and times as if it was just normal to travel through and bend reality. and yes , genetically iam an elf and i should be able to handle some kind of magic myself. but that's crazy. LSD works , but magic?
admittedly it makes me curious, i love these stories, and sure, if aliens come to bring me to their planets i'd go with them, who wouldnt?
anyway i kept thinking of this blue hat, and then, like in a dream, it appeared. at night when i walked home, it was simply there. it was late and cold and there were no other people who might have been able to see the thing too. i swear i didnt do any drugs that night. ok, so walked up there and thought of where it might bring me to and i thought where would i most likely want to go, yeah, the sex pistols i thought, london in 1978 , meeting the pistols and getting wasted, once experiencing the early days of real punk.
so i entered the hut, i tried to think it might be just some thing on a playground but it wasnt, and while i was still trying to find realistical explanations for it it brought me away, so to say o_o . i was in another street and the cars parking at the sidewwalks looked pretty oldfashined. it was misty, it was london! but no pistols- first it was pretty exiting, i walked along the streets, the whole night. fuck, i got tired! so fucking tired. at some biger crossroad and a subwaystatio entry i had to sit down and i guess i fell aseep.
a couple of punks woke me up the next morning. i couldnt feel my hand and feet anymore so cold was it, but the guys were cool, brough me to some imbis and we had breakfast. but they didnt accept euros! shit. it was 1978!
... almost 2 pretty weird strange followed :) . imet a lot of people, but not the pistols. they thought i was on lsd when i told them how i got there....
the other night i saw this hut again, and eventhough i hadnt thought of going back until then it got me, i thought it might be my last chance to ever go back! so i went into again... yeah, idont know really what i might be missing if i wouldnt go back , but see, if i travel back in time, i could disturb the time-space continuum, no? well, it is some kind of responsibility you know! so... i thought i was on my way back. but the shit... this is not berlin, neither is it london. but it's 2003 , the time is right, but the place isnt ><. O_O
isnt that a weird way of travelling? the shit. i bet tomorrow i'll wake up in my bed laughing at myself as for how real i took this trip, psyche.
gotta find out still where exactly i am. somewhere in the states i belive. 've never been here... dude, i wouldnt mind waking up from this slowly tho....
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11:20pm 17/10/2003
mood: amused
boba fett
yay!!! you are boba fett!!! cool..

which bounty hunter are you?
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10:57pm 17/10/2003
mood: energetic
it's pretty disconcerting to see how many abandoned journals there are on LJ ...especially the clone type of people... i added some of them as friends. as if we clones would have push off buttons , i dont think that's fair...we are no toys. ehr, i assume those guys just dont write in their jourals at the moment...and then in december when the hype starts again they'll come out of their corners.
it's pretty hard for us clones to recieve the love like original unique people get it... but we are not replacable! we ARE unique! even if it doesnt look like .... anyway.
i met a guy named luze who had a legoclone as a freind before ... i fear he likes me because i remind him in his freind he lost. or so... bah, no i dont fear that really. he's a ok guy, a bit strange and i've been told by my friends they knew someone who looks exactly like him but they are not sure if it really is him since he seems to remember nothing.
weird huh. the world is full of clones!
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i'm here!   
02:53pm 03/10/2003
mood: mischievous
haha! adore my total random design! not entirely random, ok. not all letters and numbers seem to be used by those websolors, too bad, i hoped to find completely new colors this way.
i have a live journal, and i guess it's my duty to wake up some of my "brothers" *snort*, LJ seems a good place to start.
and my moodicons are called "nolegs" heh